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United Homes House Rules

On behalf of United Homes and the company which you are working for, we would like to welcome you in your accommodation

This container is for
plastic waste

This container is for
green and organic waste

This container is for
paper and cardboard

This container is for all the rest so please do not put garbage bags in the purple, orange, blue or green container


Prior to your arrival, we checked the accommodation and found it to be in order. The accommodation is fully equipped and has been delivered to you clean and tidy, in accordance with our quality mark. In consultation with your employer, United Homes has drawn up a number of rules of conduct. We kindly request you to observe these rules.

Do not perform any repairs and/or work on the ceilings/walls, furniture, pipes, installations and meter cupboard in your accommodation.

It is forbidden to use and/or store weapons or hazardous substances/explosives in the accommodation.

United Homes is not responsible for any theft or loss of items during your stay. You are personally liable for the inventory and damage to and/or missing items in the accommodation.

During your stay United Homes/owner will regularly inspect the premises to make sure that you are keeping the accommodation in good condition. Any damage, missing items, extreme energy consumption or inadequate cleaning will be reported to your employer through the inspection report.

Park your car only where it is permitted.

After termination of the rental you must leave the accommodation clean, tidy, damage free and fully equipped. The keys to the accommodation must be returned as agreed during check in. If the accommodation is not left in proper conditions the costs will be recovered from your employer.

  • Remain calm
  • Call the emergency number 112
  • Report: name, telephone number, place of residence, description of the situation.
  • Remain calm
  • Follow the instructions of the local experts. If applicable use the marked escape route to gather outside, opposite of the front of the building, wait there for further instructions.
  • Remain calm and try to calm down the victim
  • Call 0900-8844 and in case of lifethreatening situations: 112
  • Report: name, telephone number, place of residence, the kind of accident and injury, the number of victims
  • Stay with the victim until the medical service arrives and do not give any drink to the victim! If needed, follow the instructions of the medical staff
  • Remain calm
  • If possible: prevent further outbreak of the fire by using a fire extinguisher or fire blanket
  • Fire blankets are only suitable for small, starting fires and for extinguishing a person who was set on fire. Do not use a fire blanket for extinguishing a deep frying-fire!
  • If you cannot stop the fire: call the alarm number 112
  • Report: name, telephone number, place of residence, size of the fire
  • Alarm your roommate and adjacent neighbours, close doors and windows. Do not use an elevator
  • Follow the evacuation instructions